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Canva: Design Tools

Canva Basics


Within Canva you will find Templates for a variety of media: Posters & Flyers, Social Media posts, Presentations, Business Cards, and Logos.  To start your design, pick a template that suits your needs. Within each template will be a variety of themes to choose from whether you need a baby shower invitation, holiday card, or event flyer.

If you want to design a project from scratch and know the dimensions you need, click on Create a Design and choose the first option, Custom Dimensions.



Charts + Graphs

If you want to include charts and graphs, you can easily create them in Canva as well. Within your design, click on Graphics and select Charts.  You'll see options for Bar Charts, Pie Charts, and Line Charts.



Photos, Graphics, and Uploaded Images

Canva has thousands of photos and graphics available for you to use.  Once you have selected your template, you can search through photos and graphics to find just the right one for your design.  

Photos - You can crop, adjust, and flip photos to make them fit your design.  You can also adjust the transparency of the image.

Graphics - if you need a graphic image such as an icon, check out the graphics section.  You can adjust the size of the graphic, and in some cases, change the colors to fit your palette.

Uploads - If you want to use your own photo or graphic, use the uploads section to upload it to Canva.



You can use the text button to add text to your design.  Use the Heading, Subheading, and Body options to balance the font sizes.  You can also adjust the font style, size, emphasis, and color.

Brand Kit

Creating and utilizing a brand will bring cohesion to your designs. 

Within your basic Canva account, you can create a Brand Kit with up to 4 colors.  If you have access to the subscription Canva Pro, you can also add fonts and logos to your Brand Kit.


Your design will automatically save throughout the process. When you've completed your design, you can download a copy as a PNG, JPEG, PDF or video. Look for the download arrow next to the Share button in the top right-hand corner.