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Create an invitation for a New Year's Eve Party

Start with a Template - Click on Create a Design and select Invitation. Click on Party Invitation, then scroll down to 1920's Party Invitation and click See All.  Scroll down to the one that says Let's Play Jazz.

To edit this design, we will change the colors, font, and wording.

First, change the background color from dark red to a dark blue (#060737). Then change the yellow to bronze (#bfac82).

Next, we'll change the fonts.  Change IM Fell (used for the words Let's Play Jazz) to Limelight. Change Cinzel (used at the top and bottom) to Fascinate at the top and Josefin Sans Regular at the bottom.

Finally, change the wording the reflect your event.  Change the top wording to It's the beginning of a new era. Change the wording in the middle to New Year's Eve. Finally, change the wording the bottom to reflect the location of the event and RSVP contact information.

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