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Assignment | Composition Two Research Paper (Moore): Getting Started

Spring 2019 | ENGL 1302 | Prof. M. Moore


Famous Poets


Composition Two Research Paper

This research paper represents the poetry unit of this course by demonstrating how poets play a significant role in literature.  A poet, by definition, is an individual that writes poetry either for the simplistic, written art form or in order to be performed in front of an audience. For this essay, you are to analyze one specific poet, offer a detailed explanation into his or her background, demonstrate how the individual left his or her mark on society (either socially, historically, or both), and explicate three of your poet’s poems to strengthen your overall argument. The specifications are listed below; following them accurately secures effective completion of the assignment.

  1. Introduction with an acceptable thesis statement   
  2. Biographical information about your poet
  3. Social/Historical context (how did your poet leave his/her mark on society?)
  4. Explication of Poem One with at least one direct quote
  1. Explication of Poem Two with at least one direct quote
  2. Explication of Poem Three with at least one direct quote
  3. Conclusion


  • Length: a full 4-6 pages of content with an additional page of works cited (there is no specific word count but you need EXACTLY seven paragraphs) 
  • Format: Word-processed in MLA format 
  • Organization: (Times New Roman Font/Size 12)
  • Sources: Include (at least) two direct quotes and/or paraphrase(s) from three outside sources (from the scholarly databases)
  • Documentation: MLA citations and Works Cited


  • This research paper is worth 20% of your course grade.  Remember that all essays must be submitted in order to pass the course.  

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