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Assignments | PSYC 2301 (Butler): Journal Assignment

Spring 2019 | PSYC 2301, Prof. Joseph Butler

Finding an Article

You're looking for...

  1. an article with a DOI assigned to it
  2. an article that reports on original research, distinguishable by subheadings like Method, Participants, Results.

What to Look For

First, look for the DOI. You'll be able to spot this from the search results.


Next, open up the PDF Full Text of the article and skim it to see these sections:

Sections of research paper

Note: Look closely at who or what is being studied under Methods. Are the authors actually looking at and interacting with people, or are they doing data analysis on published papers? The latter will also have the same headings, but won't be appropriate for this assignment.

Does your article have both a DOI and these headings? Good! Keep going.
If you're missing either of those, go back and pick out a different article.

Next, read the Abstract (summary) to get an idea of what the article is about.


Next, read the introduction.


Then, skip to the Conclusion.


Now, finally, you can start picking through the middle parts of the article. Don't worry about the parts that get into statistics and how they were calculated. For this assignment and for this class, you don't need to get into statistical analysis!

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