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Assignment | Art Analysis Research Paper (Armstrong): Getting Started

Spring 2019 | ARTS 1301 & ARTS 1303 | Prof. Armstrong

Art heading - background is dirty paint brushes

Your Assignment (Reynolds)Your Assignment

For your convenience, a copy of your assignment is included in this guide.

Flickr Photo: Three girls at the museum by pedrosimoes7 - CC BY Choose Your Piece

You can pick something out from your textbook or peruse one of these online options. Stay mainstream.

Selecting Your Sources (Bosch)Selecting Your Sources

Remember, you need 2 scholarly sources: your textbook does not count.

Find Scholarly Sources (Unknown)Locate Scholarly Articles

A guide to using the library databases to locate articles for your research.

Also try: Google Scholar

MLA CitationsCite Your Sources  


Research Framework: Selecting Your Sources

Art gallery visitorsThe frame of what once had been Sir Robert Cuspidor's Waggon Stuck In River was leaning against a wall in front of her. It was empty. The bare canvas was neatly rolled beside it. In front of the frame, carefully heaped in order of size, were piles of pigment. Several dozen Auditors were breaking these down into their component molecules.

“I think,” said Susan grimly, “that they are appreciating Art.”

-Thief of Time, by Terry Pratchett

Image credit: CC-BY-ND Jeffrey/jb912 via Flickr