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Assignment | Art Analysis Research Paper (Armstrong): Also Try: Google Scholar

Spring 2019 | ARTS 1301 & ARTS 1303 | Prof. Armstrong

What Is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is sort of like Google's version of our research databases in that it indexes scholarly content, making it easier to pick out than if you did a normal Google Search.

Google comparison

Pictured above are the first few results for the search "psychology children television." On the left are results from Google Scholar, and on the right, normal Google. You'll notice that the regular results include a section at the very top identifying some of the scholarly articles; clicking here will take you over to the Google Scholar results page.

Google Scholar Google
757,000 results 50,900,000 results
Scholarly articles "Popular" articles
Full-text may or may not be available Full-text of web articles generally available


Tweak Google Scholar

You can have Google Scholar pick out links to content accessible through your library very easily!

1. From the homepage of Google Scholar, click on Settings.Google Scholar

2. On the settings page, click on Library Links on the left, then search for Lone Star College. Check the box next to the resulting item for LSC, then Save the page.

Google Settings part 2

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search