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Assignment | Argumentative Essay (Anderson): MLA Style

ENGL 1301 | Prof. J. Anderson | Spring 2020

Example Citations

Urbanska, Wanda, and Frank Levering. “Is Small-Town Life for You?” Prevention, vol. 49, no. 5, May 1997, p. 100. Academic Search Complete,,cpid&custid=s1088435&db=a9h&AN=9704164064&site=ehost-live.

In-text citation: ... (Urbanska and Levering). ... (Urbanska and Levering 100).

Shellenbarger, Sue. "Leaving the Busy City for Small-Town Life? You'll be Even Busier." Wall Street Journal, 12 Apr. 2000, p. B1. US Major Dailies,

In-text citation: ... (Shellenbarger).

Wuthnow, Robert. Small-Town America : Finding Community, Shaping the Future. Princeton University Press, 2013. EBSCO Ebook Collection,,cpid&custid=s1088435&db=nlebk&AN=543152&site=ehost-live.

In-text citation: ... (Wuthnow). ... (Wuthnow 145).

In-Text Citations

The sentence isn't over until the citation is given: one period goes to the right of the parenthetical citation.