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Academic Coaching

An overview of all the areas under Academic Coaching, including the Math Lab, Math Hotspot, Science Hotspot, and Writing Lab.

Who We Are

​The coaches who work in the Academic Coaching labs are experienced, educated individuals dedicated to helping students understand material in a wide variety of subjects. Each of them are carefully vetted and go through a certification process to refine their skills.

You can read more about their education, backgrounds, and specialties in following pages.


Writing Coach: Louise



Louise Keene was very helpful in going over my paper. She did a great job and I am thankful for the help I received.

- Student feedback


Math Coach: Krish



Krish was an awesome help! I am taking online classes and she was a lifesaver!

- Student feedback

Math Coach: Tom



Mr. Tom was a great help! I feel much more confident now!

- Student feedback

Accounting Coach: Bob



Mr. Robert was very helpful and willing to visit every week.

- Student feedback


Writing Coach: John L.



Mr. John is a great and patient English tutor. He is so awesome in helping with grammar.

- Student feedback


Math & Science Coach: Don K.


Recently, I've had trouble in my college algebra class focusing and keeping up. When I came into tutoring, I was helped by "Don" and "Terry" (both AMAZING), and within minutes I was understanding the material.

- Student feedback

Math Coach: Greg



Greg is awesome and a huge help!

- Student feedback

Writing Coach: John E.



Mr. Edwards was very helpful and gave constructive criticism that improved my essay very much.

- Student feedback

Writing Coach: Leslie



My tutor was great! Really helped understand the point of writing my essay!

- Student feedback

Math Coach: Terri



Ms.Terri was such an encouragement and big help to me towards preparing for my algebra exam! I am so grateful!!

- Student feedback


Writing Coach: Amber



Amber was super nice & very helpful!

- Student feedback

Writing Coach: Mike



Mike has been the best tutor I have ever engaged with. He is professional and on point with assisting me whenever I need help.

- Student feedback


Chemistry Coach: John



The Chem 1412 tutor helped tremendously with my current lab data, and also helped prepare me for the next lab. I will definitely be coming back to see him.

- Student feedback

Math Coach: Tram



Tram was very helpful!

- Student feedback