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Assignment | Footprint Project (Benford): Finding Information

GEOL 1405 | Prof. Bryn Benford (Fall 2021)

Accessing the Databases

Student ID Badge

Access 100+ databases organized by subject area from the Research Databases page. Also try our dynamic, sortable database list!  To access the databases from off-campus, you must provide the 14-digit library barcode from the back of your student ID.

The previous page was about Background Information. This type of information helps you get familiar with your topic, narrow the scope, and create a focus. (Saying it again because it is so important). Further down the page the information changes to what the scientists, researchers and scholars are writing.
  • Textbook reading is an ideal aid for this stage of your research.
  • Also, try Credo Reference and
  • Opposing Viewpoints (links are below) to develop a context for your topic. Make note of the terminology used by experts writing on your topic. This subject-specific terminology will help you create search words and phrases to find relevant information.  Clicking on the links will take you to a representative article from both databases.
  • Environmental Topics is an open access discovery tool listing environmental topics within a searchable interface.  

Finding Articles

Using the information you have learned about your topic, dig into databases with subject terms, keywords and concepts you have gathered. The database selections below will have scholarly journal articles, science news, government publications and articles on critical issues related to the earth and the surrounding environment.