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Environmental Geology (GEOL 1405) Benford: Home

Fall 2020 | GEOL 1405| (Professor Benford)

Welcome to the Environmental Geology Research Guide

The tabs above navigate through this guide's content. In Finding Scholarly Articles you have access to research databases and credible sites from government or science domains. When you are ready to take information from a source into the paper you are writing, utilize academic integrity with correct citations, paraphrasing or using quotes from these sources. The Other Sources tab contains open-access websites that have been evaluated for credibility. The Citations and Writing Resources tabs will answer many of your questions about citation format and writing.  

Policy Project

This research project requires you to:

  1. Become familiar with current environmental geology issues
  2. Identify an issue that you want to see change in,
  3. Research facts about that issue and build an argument,
  4. Identify people as potential targets, and
  5. Write a concise letter to a specific individual at a local or regional political organization, corporation, or research institution advocating for change.
Review the documents below for additional details.

Opening in cave

This course is an introduction to the science and policy of global and regional environmental issues.

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