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PowerPoint Basics

Learn basic tips on how to create a Power Point presentation.

Presenting Tips

Below are tips and feedback to help ease your pre-presentation jitters. It is important to note that everyone is different but these tips should help you prepare. 

  1. Plan out the time you have allotted for each slide
    1. For instance, if you have ten minutes to present and ten slides, allow one minute per slide. Some slides may have more information than others, so use your time wisely so that you don't rush through anything.
    2. Practice is important so that you can perfect the timing of your presentation.
  2. Do not read each slide verbatim
    1. Elaborate on each bullet point.
    2. Adding information in your oral presentation that is not on the slide indicates that you are knowledgeable about the topic and have done your research.
  3. Be sure to try to make eye contact with each member in the audience
    1. Do not stare at one audience member, or one spot on the wall, or the floor.
    2. Try to continuously look around the space and speak clearly. 
  4. It is okay to move around the space given
    1. Try not to stand in one spot or hide behind a podium or table.
    2. If you are comfortable, move around the space but not too much. If you move around the space too much the audience may focus on your movements instead of your presentation.
  5. Practice before you present
    1. Present your presentation to a friend or family member, or in front of your phone's camera.
    2. Have someone else view your presentation. This helps with nervousness and catching mistakes such as typos or incorrect information.
  6. Be prepared
    1. Jot down notes on note cards, or print off the presentation and make notes on the printout. This will take some pressure off of you to memorize all your presentation.
    2. Make sure you have water to sip during the presentation, so your throat doesn't get dry and your voice remains clear.
  7. Know your presentation and the content
    1. During the question portion, you want to be comfortable with the content to answer questions. It may help to poll your friends and family to think of potential questions your audience could have.
    2. Be sure to do your research!
  8. Don't sweat it, you will do great
    1. It is okay to be a bit nervous. 
    2. You will do great. 

Presenting Tools

Presenter View allows you to use 2 monitors while presenting. The monitor that faces you will show your private notes without showing them to the audience. This can help you present more smoothly, appear more professional, and give you more confidence.

CTRL+H will make the cursor disappear during your presentation.

CTRL+A will bring the cursor back.