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PowerPoint Basics

Learn basic tips on how to create a Power Point presentation.

PowerPoint Introduction

"PowerPoint presentations work like slide shows. To convey a message or a story, you break it down into slides. Think of each slide as a blank canvas for the pictures, words, and shapes that will help you build your story." (


PowerPoint is one of the many programs offered as part of Microsoft Office. It is the most common presentation software used worldwide and used everywhere from businesses to classrooms. PowerPoint is an easy to use program that can help you create an engaging presentation and effectively convey information to your audience. Knowing how to use PowerPoint can be a great skill to add to a resumé.

The goal of this guide is to help you get started on creating a PowerPoint presentation. It will teach you the basics of PowerPoint, and provide resources to learn more advanced techniques.


Installing PowerPoint

To begin building your presentation, you will need to install Microsoft PowerPoint. Lone Star College students, staff, and faculty can gain free access to Microsoft Office 2016 by visiting

  1. Once you click one the link, you will be taken to a webpage and asked to enter your Lone Star College email address. 
    • Students: you will need to enter the email ending in
    • Staff and faculty: you will need to enter the email ending in
  2. When you are prompted, enter your LSC password.
  3. At the top right of the page, you will see an "Install Office" drop-down menu.
  4. In that drop-down menu, choose "Office 2016."
  5. When the download is finished, open the .exe file. This file will install Office 2016 on your computer.