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Assignment | Frankenstein Annotated Bibliography (Pentecost): Inspiration: Popular Sources

Spring 2019 | ENGL 1302 | Prof. R. Pentecost

Franken - Culture

Man As God: 'Frankenstein' Turns 200 (10 Jan. 2018, NPR)

The Strange and Twisted Life of ‘Frankenstein (Jill Lepore, The New Yorker, 12 & 19 Feb. 2018)

Frankenstein at 200 and Why Mary Shelley Was Far More Than the Sum of Her Monster's Parts (The Conversation, 23, Jan. 2018)

Frankenstein, or the beauty and terror of science (Henk van den Belt, Journal of Geek Studies, 9 Jan. 2017)

'Frankenstein' has become a true monster; once reviled, the 200-year-old novel lives on, and casts its giant shadow over today's dilemmas about making life in a lab. Wall Street Journal (Online) Finn, E., & Guston, D. H. (29 Dec. 2017)

The Horror Story That Haunts Science (Cohen, Jon, Science Magazine, 10 Jan. 2018)


Franken - Videos

Sophia, Citizen of Saudi Arabia
Boy Presented with a Bionic Arm