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Assignment | Chemistry Essay (Mayadunne): Getting Started

Fall 2018 | CHEM 1411 | Professor Mayadunne

Chemistry Written Assignment

Select one topic from the list below and write 350-400 word essay about the topic you selected.  

  1. Greenhouse gases and global warming
  2. Effect of arsenic and drinking water
  3. Using sugars in batteries
  4. Chemistry in beauty and makeup
  5. Organic food

Research Process

Step 1: Background Information. After you identify your research topic and some keywords that describe it, find and read articles in subject encyclopedias. Credo Reference contains items that will help you understand the context (historical, cultural, disciplinary) of your topic. Background information is the foundation supporting further research. Class textbooks also provide definitions of terms and background information.

Step 2: Dig Deeper. Exploit the citations within background information articles to dig deeper into your subject. Bring the keywords to Academic Search Complete or JSTOR databases to develop your research further. At this stage ask questions of the information specialists (librarians) to be sure you are in the right resource and using effective research strategies.

Step 3: Take Notes. Take good notes as you read. You will save time if you take notes that are in your own words (paraphrasing).

Step 4: Create Citations. Locate citation tools within the databases to help you create your citations. You may be able to copy and paste the citations into your tentative "Bibliography" page.

Credo Logo

Credo is an easy-to-use tool for starting research. Includes materials from over 650 reference books on a variety of topics in higher education, including art, business, history, languages, literature, science, criminal justice, and political science. 

Quick Take

What part of research do you find the most difficult?
Picking a topic: 5 votes (8.77%)
Narrowing my topic down: 15 votes (26.32%)
Forming a research question: 3 votes (5.26%)
Finding sources: 5 votes (8.77%)
Picking out good sources: 6 votes (10.53%)
Organizing my information: 10 votes (17.54%)
Writing citations: 5 votes (8.77%)
Writing my paper: 8 votes (14.04%)
Total Votes: 57


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