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Assignment | Criminology Final Project (Johnson): Presentations

CRIJ 1307 | Prof. Jermaine Johnson (Fall 2021)

APA Style in Your Presentation

A presentation done in APA style just refers to the way citations are included. Unlike a Word document, there is not a required layout to the slides.

What You Need:

  • In-text citations, e.g. (Smith, 2019, p. 56) on the slides wherever you've used information from your sources (quoted or not)
    • Remember, a good presentation uses minimal text! Use quotes very sparingly. Keep all text short.
  • References slide(s) at the end of your presentation

PowerPoint slide with annotations illustrating the use of APA in-text citations after two of the bullet points on the slide. There is also image attribution provide at the bottom-right corner for the library photo placed on the side.

Sample slide with the parenthetical citation separate from the bullets, placed at the bottom of the slide in smaller font. Annotation notes that this works if all info on one slide is from the same source.
Sample slide uses a narrative style citation, introducing Smith (2020) before a bulleted list of info. Orally, you'd want to contextualize who Smith is, for example, by saying "Crimonologist John Smith..."

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