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Assignment | Viruses Research Paper (Hall): Getting Started

BIOL 1407 | Prof. Hall (Spring 2020)


During this global pandemic, you're hearing daily updates on viruses, our immune system response, and specifically, COVID-19.  In this research paper, you will explore these topics, specifically researching what viruses are, how they replicate, and how our bodies respond. You will also have an opportunity to look at these factors as they relate to COVID-19.

The requirements for this assignment are that you write a paper with a minimum of 2 pages. For formatting, you should use 11pt font (Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri), no more than .75” margins. You should include at least 3 credible sources and cite them in APA format.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is organized into sections to help you work through the research and writing process to complete your assignment.  As you start, review the Research Process box to the right to see how this might look for you.

Once you have read over your assignment, head to the Select Your Sources tab. Here you will learn how to evaluate information to identify credible sources, and also how to identify scholarly sources.  Remember, all scholarly sources are good, but not all good sources are scholarly. For this assignment, you will need 3 credible sources and may find scholarly sources that answer your research questions. Scholarly sources also take time to produce, so you will find few to no scholarly sources on COVID-19 as this is a current event. Sources like the New York Times and the Center for Disease Control will provide credible information on this changing situation.  The Finding Information tab has databases, newspapers and reputable websites lists that are relevant to your research topic.

As you are researching, make sure you keep track of where you find information so that you can cite it in your paper. The APA Resource tab will take you to our APA Citation Style guide and show you how to create both in-text citations and full citations for your References page. Remember, you must give credit for any words or ideas that are not your own!

If you have questions throughout the research process, please feel free to contact the UP Library! Our contact information is listed on the Panic Button tab. Don't worry, no alarms will go off! But you can email, text, or chat with us online about your research questions. 

Research Process

Research process steps, from narrowing your topic, developing your argument, and producing your drafts


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