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Assignment | Writing Project 2: Argument Paper (P. Khalaf): Getting Started

ENGL 1302 | Prof. Paula Khalaf (Summer 2023)


Argument Paper

Your Goals:

  • Four credible information sources
    • One scholarly source 
  • MLA citations
  • 3.5- 5 page paper

Topic Development

First, you select a central topic. Explore the topic. What are some questions you have about the topic?  Mind mapping may help develop an idea on the topic.  

From your central topic, you develop your research question(s) to investigate, and then finally develop a thesis statement which answers your chosen question.

Mind Maps

Information Lingo


Information, in a variety of forms, that is used to develop your knowledge of the research topic. 


Information that is fact-based and unbiased, produced by a reputable source, written by easily identified expert(s) in the field, current or timely for your topic and is supported by evidence. 


Information submitted for journal publication. Prior to publication, articles are reviewed by experts or peers within the research field. This extended process assesses the quality, significance and validity of the manuscript before publication is approved.


Information produced by an expert for other experts to report on research or literature reviews on a topic. Scholarly articles published in journals while high in quality  may or may not be peer-reviewed.