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Assignment | Project 2 (Reeves): MLA

ENGL 1301 | Prof. Reeves (Spring 2021)

Example Citations

News Article on a Website:

Corasaniti, Nick, and Davey Alba. "Facing a Deluge of Misinformation, Colorado Takes the Offensive Against It." The New York Times, 20 Oct. 2020,

In-text citation: (Corasaniti and Alba)

News Article in a Library Database:

Zezima, Katie. "On Social Media, When is a Rant Also a Threat?" The Washington Post, 26 Dec. 2014. ProQuest,

In-text citation: (Zezima)


Interviewee Last Name, First Name. Interview. Conducted by Your Name, DD Month YYYY.

State "E-mail interview" instead of just "interview" if that's how you conduct yours.


Sumner, Richard. Interview. Conducted by Bunny Watson, 24 Oct. 2016.

Smith, Helen. E-mail interview. Conducted by Charmaine Fritchey, 6 July 2020.

In-text, parenthetical: A thing happened (Sumner).
In-text, narrative: Engineer Richard Sumner mentioned that a thing happened. Later, Sumner added another thing.

MLA elements: Author, title, source, contributors, version, number, publisher, date, location.Lots of possible variables for this one -- but remember, all MLA citations use the same formula. Do your best to identify the who/what/when/where of the image as best you can. Hint: this often is a lot harder when you grab a random image from Google Image Search (especially since it's so easy and common for images to be reposted without credits).

There's an optional "slot" that can be given after the location information -- normally you see access date used here, but you could also volunteer info about the image.

From a Database:

Just an Image, Pre-Made Citation

"Generation and Disposal of Clothing and Footwear in the United States, 1960–2017." Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2019. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Infographic.


Image Appears in an Article: You Can Use the Article Citation

If you allude to the image in your paper, you'll mention something like "This photo shows whatever (Article Author)."

Cole, Daniel James and Nancy Deihl. "Fashion Media." The History of Modern Fashion, 1st ed., Laurence King, 2015. Credo Reference,

Flickr Image Citation

Woman in bathing suit at edge of stream near Paradise Glacier ice cave, Mount Rainier National Park. Flickr, posted by University of Washington,


  • Use the full text of the tweet as the "title" in the citation. Include hashtags.
  • If the tweet is very long, you can shorten with an ellipsis (...).
  • Ignore the @ when placing the citation in alphabetical order in your Works Cited list.

@hcphtx. "Data shows that the #COVID19 #virus can be viable for up to 72 hours on certain surfaces; this includes the groceries you bring into your home. ..." Twitter, 22 June 2020,

In-text citation: (@hcphtx)
Example: The Harris County Public Health department tweeted ... (@hcphtx).


@dog_feelings (Thoughts of Dog). "i know. there’s a lot going on right now. so i just wanted to say. i love you." Twitter, 6 Oct. 2020,

Facebook Post:

  • For the title, write a description of the post. Posts don't have official titles to use, and they can be too long to quote entirely as you might a tweet.
  • You can get the exact time by hovering your mouse over the posted date.

Lone Star College-University Park. Prof. Roger Rodriguez published new thriller novel. Facebook, 20 Oct. 2020, 2:11 p.m., Accessed 21 Oct. 2020.

Instagram Post:

  • For the citation title, just put the first few words of the caption/text post. If there's no caption (and just an image), write a brief description, like: Photo of sunset at the beach.

lscuplibrary. "Put your creative writing skills to use by entering..." Instagram, 20 Oct. 2020,

Built-In Citation Tools

Pretty much all the database provide pre-made citations. Keep in mind, though, that like citation tools online, these are put together by algorithms, so they can be imperfect, but they'll get you most of the way there.

Screenshot of article page in Issues & Controversies, pointing out the page tools dropdown where the citation tool is  Screenshot of a Credo article with the Citation tool highlighted  Article page in Opposing Viewpoints, mostly blurred, with the citation tool highlighted

Examples of Fixing the Pre-Made Citations

Original (Issues & Controversies)

"Digital Libraries: Should private companies like Google be able to build a digital library by scanning millions of copyrighted books?" Issues & Controversies, Infobase, 8 Aug. 2011, Accessed 25 Oct. 2020.


"Digital Libraries: Should Private Companies like Google be Able to Build a Digital Library by Scanning Millions of Copyrighted Books?" Issues & Controversies, Infobase, 8 Aug. 2011,

  • Article titles should be cited with Headline Capitalization in Place -- i.e. all significant words capitalized.
  • Access date isn't necessary for static resources.
  • Normally we wouldn't include a publisher for a database: I've opted to leave it (Infobase) in because this article was produced for this database, not just hosted here.

Original (Credo Reference)

Kodas, Michael. "A high-adrenaline job: 5 questions answered about fighting wildfires." The Conversation: An Independent Source of Analysis from Academic Researchers, edited by Conversation, The Conversation, 1st edition, 2018. Credo Reference, Accessed 26 Oct. 2020.


Kodas, Michael. "A High-Adrenaline Job: 5 Questions Answered about Fighting Wildfires." The Conversation: An Independent Source of Analysis from Academic Researchers, 1st ed., 2018. Credo Reference,

  • Use Headline Capitalization for article titles in your citation.
  • We don't need to redundantly state The Conversation three times in the citation (source title, edited by, and publisher).
  • Abbreviated edition to ed.
  • Remove http:// from the url.
  • Again, access date isn't required in this case because it's a static source.

MLA Resources

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