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Assignment | Project 2 (Reeves): Research

ENGL 1301 | Prof. Reeves (Spring 2021)

Finding Information

Don't forget the e-books! You don't have to formally check them out to read them, and you can "search inside" for your keywords to quickly jump to the most relevant sections.

Looking at social justice for girls in Girl Rising, notice the words used to describe the story.

Gather words on social injustice with a mind cloud


Finding specific information on your documentary topic that is linked to a statement or a question about the topic is possible in databases such as Academic Search Complete or JSTOR. Create your own search queries to find answers. 

Girls  AND  Oppression  AND  Patriarchy


Accessing the Databases

Access 100+ databases organized by subject area from the Research Databases page. Also try our dynamic, sortable database list!

Student ID BadgeTo access the databases locked icon (same icon that displays by the LSC-limited access resources) from off-campus, you must provide the 14-digit library barcode.

Don't have one yet? Request a barcode number online.