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Assignment | Project 2 (Reeves): Getting Started

ENGL 1301 | Prof. Reeves (Spring 2021)

Assignment Overview

Your Goals:

  • 4-6 page MLA-style report + Works Cited page
  • 3-5 credible sources

Develop a comprehensive and detailed 4 to 6 page, typed (double-spaced) evaluation of a documentary film that interests you and that you feel will be interesting to a general audience. For this project, you will need to include a Works Cited page (after your 4-6 page composition) to complete your evaluation. The Works Cited page will include the film entry and 3-5 credible sources from the Lone Star College Research Databases to support your evaluation. You will have the opportunity to select a documentary film in which you are invested (this will make your evaluation more engaging for the audience, too), and you may choose any social justice issue featured in the film (i.e., gender equality, child oppression, trauma, etc.).

Full assignment details are in the file linked below Project 2

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