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Assignment | Interpersonal Communication Project (Dragomir): Citations

Fall 2019 | SPCH 1318 | Prof. Dragomir

Managing Your Research

While conducting research you will need to capture the articles and associated citations. Your process will be very individual, but be consistent and choose a tool to help organize your research. Some suggested tools below:

OneDriveOneDrive - Cloud storage from Microsoft Office 365. 1 TB free for Lone Star College students.


EvernoteEvernote - The Basic version is free. Works across all mobile devices. Create notebooks for each course or writing assignment. Be sure to download the Web Clipper as well.

ZoteroZotero - Zotero is a free, open access extension that runs in the Firefox and Chrome browsers that's designed to gather, download, and tag your research. Helpful tutorials.

EasyBibEasyBib - Citation generator that is free for MLA.

APA Resources

APA Online Guide

Additional help online:

Example: Scholary Articles

Scott, Cord. "Written In Red, White, And Blue: A Comparison Of Comic Book Propaganda From World War II And September 11." Journal Of Popular Culture, vol. 40, no. 2, 2007, pp. 325-343. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. doi: 10.1111/j.1540-5931.2007.00381.x.

In-text: ... (Scott 333).

Constanigro, M., McCluskey, J. J., & Mittelhammer, R.C. (2007). Segmenting the wine market based on price: Hedonic regression when different prices mean different products. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 58(3), 454-466. doi:10.1111/j.1477-9552.2007.00118.x

In-text: ... (Constanigro, McCluskey, & Mittelhammer, 2007, p. 458).

Example: Personal Interview

Persson, Katherine. Interview by [Your Name]. 15 Oct. 2018.

In-text: ... (Persson).

Because a personal interview is not a published source (and your reader will not be able to locate or refer to it), it will only be cited in-text. It will not appear on the References page.

In-text: ... (J. Smith, personal communication, October 15, 2018).

Example: Web Article

Henry, Alan. "Why We Get Brain Freezes." Lifehacker, 11 June 2016,

In-text: ... (Henry).

Avirgan, J. (2016, February 12). Not all privacy policies are created equal. FiveThirtyEight. Retrieved from

In-text: ... (Avirgan, 2016).

Example: Movie (Streaming and DVD)

  • Remember, movie and TV citations can vary based on what aspect of the work you're focusing on or if you're looking at in whole.
  • If you include information that you had to look up from another source, write that information [inside brackets] in your citation.
  • In-text citations will use a timestamp.

Lang, Walter, director. Desk Set. [Twentieth Century Fox], 1957,

In-text: ... (Lang 14:53-15:32).

Patton. Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, 1970. 20th Century Fox, 2006, DVD.

In-text: ... (Patton 1:22:37).

Hawks, H. (Director/Producer). (1940). His girl Friday [Streaming video]. Retrieved from

In-text: ... (Hawks, 1940, 42:47).

Hawks, H. (Director). (1946). The big sleep [DVD]. United States: Warner Home Video.

In-text: ... (Hawks, 1946, 32:45 - 33:48).