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Assignment | Chemistry Journal Article (Bryant): Getting Started

Summer 2019 | CHEM 1412 (Prof. M. Bryant)

Get Ideas for a Topic

These resources are not what you're seeking for you assignment. Credo definitely shouldn't provide any of your final sources, but Gale in Context: Science might -- if you be sure you jump over to "Academic Journals."

Pharmacology & medicine
Pollution & greenhouse gases
Energy and batteries
Fertilizers and organic foods
Bread, kimchi, kombucha, cheese

Develop a Search

Think about whatever topic is catching your eye. Chances are, you'll need to polish up the basic idea into a successful search strategy. This could mean:

  • Narrowing your topic: It's not just "cosmetics," it's "shampoo." And maybe it's not just shampoo, it's argan oil in shampoo and whether it does anything.
  • Broadening your topic: Maybe you have your heart set on exploring sourdough pancake cultures dependent on the mountain streams of the Rocky Mountains. Alas, you might have to instead start searching for just sourdough and see what you get.