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ENGL 1301: Composition & Rhetoric I (Boston): Profile

ENGL 1301 | Prof. K. Boston (Fall 2021)

Ideas for Sources

  • Interviews
    • Could be TV, magazine, news article, website
  • Social Media
  • News reports about rallies/etc

Tips for Searching Social Media

How to Find Content:

  • Start by just browsing their feed -- see if it's active at all, and what they tend to post about. What hashtags do they commonly associate with?
  • Try Googling for a specific term in their feed, e.g. earth day @Jamie_Margolin
Social network... can search by... Account to Search? Hashtag Keywords Date
Twitter N Y Y Y*
Instagram N** Y Y N
LinkedIn Y*** Y Y Y
TikTok N Y Y N

**But without an account, you can't scroll through all posts nor open posts up to read the captions or view larger.

***You can view LinkedIn profiles without an account, however; you'd just click through from a Google search result.

Make Google Search Work Harder

Limit by Time

Click Tools to get options to limit results to certain frames of time

Limit By Site

Add site: followed by a domain to limit results to only one specific site