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ENGL 1301: Composition & Rhetoric I (Boston): Getting Started

Fall 2019 | ENGL 1301 | Prof. K. Boston (Musgrove)


For this assignment, you will write an evaluation of how effectively and accurately an international popular film exemplifies a genre and portrays a culture. Develop a comprehensive and detailed 4 to 8 page, typed (double-spaced) evaluation of a film that interests you and that you feel will be interesting to a general audience.

To enhance your written evaluation, you will need to include at least two images from the film, integrated in appropriately and effective, and cited correctly. The images will not count toward the minimum written four pages. For this project, you will need to include a Works Cited page (after your 4-8 page composition) to complete your evaluation. The Works Cited page will include the film entry and at least 4 credible sources from the Lone Star College Research Databases to support your evaluation.

Research Skills to Flex:

  • Identifying claims or depictions to investigate further
  • Evaluating potential sources of information for relevance and credibility
  • Utilizing database research skills more deeply
  • Creating citations to document your sources

Brainstorm Themes

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