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Citations: APA Style (7th ed.)

How to create a document and cite using APA, 7th edition.


Below are the rules of format for an APA-title page in the professional manuscript style.

Inside the Top Margin (Running Head)

  • Running head: abbreviated title IN CAPS LOCK inside the top-left margin of the document and should be no longer than 50 characters (including spaces and punctuation)
    • If the full title of your paper is lengthy, this abbreviated version should be like a summary. Don't just insert the first 50 characters of the full title. It does not have to perfectly mirror or match the full title.
  • Page number: on the title page, it will be 1, inside the top-right margin.

In the Body of the Title Page

  • Title: bold, centered. Skip a line afterwards before including your name as author.
  • Author byline: your name (first, middle initial, last); if writing with other students, their names as well
  • Institutional affiliation: Lone Star College-University Park

Bottom of the Title Page

  • Author Note: Additional information about authors, study registration, data sharing, disclaimers, funding or disclaimers.

Creating the Running Head and Page Number in Microsoft Word 

  1. Click on the Insert tab.
  2. Click on Header in the Header & Footer bar.
  3. Choose the Blank (Three Columns) header.
  4. Right click on the middle header "Type Text" and click Delete.
  5. In the left-hand column of the header, type in a shortened version of your paper title in ALL CAPS. I.e., TITLE TITLE TITLE
  6. In the right-hand column, insert the page number with no other information (that is, leave out page, p., etc.) by clicking on the page number button (upper-left on the screen) and choosing Current Position and then Plain Number.